Using Emotional Language to Influence Prospects

As we walk deeper into 2019, we must examine the evident truth for online businesses. Now, more than ever, the market has become saturated with products and services that barely differ from their competition. With so many similar businesses fighting over the same prospects every day, what’s the deciding factor?

Emotional Language to Influence Prospects

Emotional Language to Influence Prospects


What influences these prospects to purchase from you over the competition?

How do you make your prospect feel emotionally engaged with your brand?


Besides offering the best possible product with great customer service, your sales copy and the language you have chosen to represent your brand are on the front lines of this battle for market share. If your initial contact with the prospects does not illicit an emotional response, you’re likely to lose them to your competition.

In this brief post, I want to share with you a few tips on how to use emotional language to influence prospects. You’ll then be able to liven up the copy on your site, in your emails, and on social media. When you’re dealing with prospects on the front lines, you’re language must call to them more than your competitor’s does.

Identify Which Emotion You Want Your Copy to Evoke

Before you dive headfirst into writing your sales copy, identify which emotion best suits your brand. Consider what action you want the prospect to take on your site and what feeling could more them toward that conversion. This first step to utilizing emotional language to influence your prospects is integral to brand continuity.

If for example, your company sells online security software, ask yourself what emotions might influence your prospects to purchase from you. The emotions can range from positive to negative. Perhaps you want them to feel that purchasing your software will make them feel more safe and secure or that if they purchase from you, they will be able to avoid the pains of identify theft.

Look to Your Own Life for Emotional Insight

Now that you have identified which emotions you want to engage within your prospects, it’s time to inject that into your copywriting. Think about times in your life that you felt those emotions. Did you feel secure when you were living in your parents home? How about when you were padded up with your football gear? Using everyday examples will get people relating to your product in an emotional way.

Emotion sells better than logic. When you’re designing your sales copy, you need to identify the benefits the prospect will receive from your product. Benefits are different than features. Benefits solve an emotional problem. For example, lets consider the company that sells online security software once again. One feature of their product is that it monitors your bank accounts for unauthorized purchases. The benefit of this feature is that you can relax and spend time with your family while trusting that your identify is being protected.

Utilize Emotionally Powerful Words in Your Headline

Since you have identified which emotion you want to evoke and have some examples from you everyday life, you can start copywriting. The first piece of copy that must emotionally engage the prospect is the headline. The sole purpose of the headline is to get the prospect to read the first sentence of the body copy. Whether the headline is the subject in your latest email, the title of a blog post, or the header on your web page, it must evoke an emotional response from the reader.

A great tool to recognize whether you are using emotional language to influence your prospects is the Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer. When you plug your headline in and select your industry, this analyzer tool gives you an emotional marketing value score which is a great place to start and get some instant feedback. Try to incorporate action verbs that encourage people do visualize the product while simultaneously influencing them toward a purchase.

Using Emotional Language Is Good For Your Bottom Line

As you revamp the copy on your website and other marketing outlets, you will notice the positive impact this change has on your sales. Because there are so many options available to customers today, your product and offering needs to stand above the bunch. You do this by establishing an emotional connection with your prospect first and foremost through the language you use in your marketing materials. Do you want any help making your copy more emotionally engaging, contact me today.

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