Top 4 Reasons Blogging Can Boost Your Business

In today’s marketing environment, customers want to feel engaged and included in the buying process.

Building community that encourages interaction will increase your bottom line, and there are a few key tools you can use. Top among these is the simple art of blogging.


Read on to learn the 4 top ways that consistent blogging can boost your business.


1. Blogging Builds Bonds

When you are looking for a service provider you not only want someone who does a good job, you want someone who you can trust. [Keep posted for an upcoming blog on trust.]

Hiring or buying a professional’s services is a calculated risk. If you have never worked with them before, how can you know they will be impeccable with their word?

As a service provider or company selling products online, you can use blogging to build up your authority and online presence. When people see that you are skilled and knowledgeable, social bonds of trust will develop and they will be more likely to buy from you.

2. Google Takes Notice

When you operate a blog that posts fresh, original content regularly, Google gives your site priority in search page results.

By simply posting blog content frequently, even as little as a few times a month.  You will begin to notice your site becoming more optimized for search engines so long as content is high quality.

Currently, SEO content that ranks well is not written for search engines but instead for the human beings using them.

Logical? Yes.

So forget about key word density and think about what your audience finds irresistible.

When you blog new content, your fresh written words will be noticed by Google and your web page will be rewarded with better rankings.

3. Blogs are Shareable

Viral is all the rage and if something you create can reach the massive masses, that is excellent for your business.

Viral content is just that — content. So by creating interesting and engaging blogs, you will be creating content with the potential for Internet RockStar fame.

Blogs also offer you something free to share on social media. Blog content is often liked and shared among friends.

4. Cross Promotion Tool

Guest blogging offers you and other related professionals an opportunity to share knowledge and gain traction on other platforms while building business.

Host a guest blogger on your site and as they post content on a regular basis and share it with their audience. more traffic will be then directed to your page.

Tons of sites will gladly accept an original blog post written for your site and post it on their site with a back-link to you. Not only do you get instant PR and authority, you have just increased your SEO. Plus an opportunity to use a targeted landing page with a project.

Blogging is less an option for businesses and more of a necessity today if you desire a strong online presence for your business.

Blogging does take time and effort but fortunately, services are available for those time-strapped and busy professionals.

Start posting fresh new blogs on your site today and reap the benefits before competition does.

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