The Incredible Power of Bullet Points

As a copywriter – I love bullet points.

In fact, I think that without them a sales letter wouldn’t be effective at all.

Psychologically speaking, bullet points are more than essential. People tend to scan info really quick and bullet points are “mini headlines” that help buyers when making their buying decision.

Bullet Points

With bullet points you can summarize the common problems of your prospects and tell them exactly why your product can solve them. Also, they can arouse curiosity in a really subtle way.

When I’m writing sales letter I tend to add a cool “add to cart” button right after the main bullet points just because they set your prospects in a “buying mood” (they feel this way after seeing all they can get if they purchase.)

Believe it or not, they create the right atmosphere for the sale.

Please, remember that once you’re creating bullet points you have two approaches…

  • *Features.
  • Problem and solution thanks to your product.

…and right after these two approaches you need to add the benefits.

Lets take a sample benefit sovepiller uden recept the benefits applied here are: sleep, insomnia, jet lag and waking up refreshed. Can you think of anymore benefits?

This is something critical.

So, summarizing:

1) Bullet points can be quickly scanned by your prospects and will save them time.

2) You should include them all across your sales letter or advertising material if you want to create effective copy.

3) They are incredibly powerful when describing your product and will inform your prospects; this way they will have the necessary information before purchasing.

4) They create the right “buying atmosphere” and warm up your prospects.

5) Bullet points should always include benefits because that’s precisely what your possible buyers want to get when purchasing your product.

Hope this helps! 

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