Rosemary O’Neill and I am a Life / Business Coach.

My name is Rosemary O’Neill and I am a Life / Business Coach.

Coaching has been a natural progression for me. I have been in the business of people and personal development for many years. As a psychotherapist, educator and mentor, I have worked with a diverse range of individuals and groups. I am uniquely qualified to handle the challenges my clients face and I consider it a privilege to coach my clients through their process of discovery and change.

I am a graduate of CoachU and a member of Coachville. My coach training, coaching experience, professional and academic achievements form the foundation of my coaching proficiency.

Life Coach

Coaching is my passion. I take great pride in helping others get to the point where they are living the life that they feel they are really meant to.

Please look over my website to learn more about the benefits of coaching and let me know if you feel it is time to begin living your life to the fullest extent possible. – Ready, Set, Now!

“Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” (Goethe)

Coaching benefits

The process of coaching is about affecting positive change. I work with my clients to help them uncover their personal dreams and help them
find the strength, motivation, and commitment to realize them. It is the combination of effectiveness and motivation that makes coaching such a powerful process.

As a highly effective coach, I will…

• Empower your natural integrity and high standards of personal worth.
• Structure and establish priorities and hold you accountable to your goals.
• Spark new possibilities, helping you to remove old impediments.
• Strengthen your basic foundation as a person by exploring values that are important to you.

As a highly motivated client, you will…

• Become motivated by creativity and giving rather than urges of adrenaline and perfection.
• Work to clarify and prioritize the many choices available to you.
• Clear the clutter and free-up space.
• Integrate what really works and get rid of the rest.
• Take better care of yourself.
• Learn from a coach’s wisdom and grace.
• Identify new choices and step out of a rut.

Personal clarity and professional acceleration are the hallmark benefits of my coaching work. You will be yourself, and move more easily in the world. And once you have this, anything is possible.

“Reminding one another of the dream that each of us aspires to may be enough for us to set each other free” Antoine De Saint-Exupery

You are invited

Coaching is a partnership. It is a dynamic, creative process of self-exploration, and acceleration. With me in your corner, you will take the time to look inside, express the truth in your life and then bring your dreams to fruition.

Coaching is not for the faint of heart. It is about taking risks, challenging comfort zones and having the courage and conviction to try something new.

If your status quo is stale and life is just “okay”, let me, not only help you discover your passion for living the life you want, but show you how to sustain positive change as well. One of my special skills is unraveling the complexities of both your business and personal life.

In the words of one of my clients… “we went from a business coaching relationship to a personal coaching relationship. It always comes down to the personal level.”


Our coaching sessions begin with a complimentary call of 45 minutes.
In this conversation we will get to know each other and determine if our styles will compliment each other.

Together we will discover what’s working in your life and what’s not. Gaining the self-awareness of how you get in your way is the key to unlocking blocks. You actually choose a life of success and personal satisfaction.

Whether a personal problem, a challenge at work, or a desired lifestyle change, you will experience a shift in your perspective after this call.

Phone in from the privacy of your office or home. You set the place and the pace. That means that either of us can live anywhere and still be in conversation. I work mostly by phone in order to best accommodate my clients’ geographical location and schedule. I really enjoy meeting in person when location permits.

If we both agree there is a fit, and you have benefited from our meeting, let’s work together! I will send you a welcome packet which includes an agreement form and many questions designed to deepen your awareness and help you take stock of who you are today.

My fees are as follows:

Monthly coaching fees are $400. with a 3-6 month minimum commitment. We commit to regular phone sessions, plus email contact as needed.

Remember, you can create the life you want.

Call me and we will discuss how!

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


This is what my clients have to say…

“I thought life was pretty good, but Rosemary has shown me a new, seo London exciting path. Thanks, Rosemary, in a short few months I am on a much more productive and rewarding road.” John T.

“Working with Rosemary has been an awesome and self-changing experience. Focused on the facts and action, I accept new accountability for making positive changes in my life. My finances are on track and so am I, into a new career path that energizes me. I did the work, Rosemary made it seem easy and effortless. Praise this woman!!” Matt S.

“Rosemary brings an ideal combination of insight, intelligence, enthusiasm and education to her work. She’s a natural coach, savvy and smart!” Stephanie M.

“Rosemary is a fantastic coach. She challenges me enough to keep me moving, at the same time allowing me enough room to find my own way. I have the sense that we are working on several levels at once. Some dreams are being seeded, others nurtured and the ripe ones harvested! I’m grateful to be working with Rosemary.” Marcy P.