New Email Strategy Aims To Help Business

Rosemary O’Neill copywriting and marketing company helps businesses increase sales and boost business with targeted email campaigns.

I have launched new email marketing packages designed to help business owners maintain and increase sales from their existing customers and subscribers.

Email marketing for Providence business owners

“Our new email marketing service aims to help local businesses connect with the customers on their email list and keep profits within city limits,” copywriter Alexander Smith says.

The email package consists of sales emails, email drip campaigns, and newsletters which businesses use to market their products or services. The copywriting services company works with their clients to use the email lists they’ve already created or are in the process of creating to target interested prospects and increase sales.

Since 91 percent of email subscribers have unsubscribed to a business’s email list after voluntarily signing up, businesses need to send targeted emails to get results. If their messages are seen as irrelevant or intrusive, people stop reading and leave.

“Customers need personalization. Not mass mailings,” Mr. Smith says. “People are all too eager to delete emails. Since their inboxes are bombarded, we ensure yours stand out with targeted subject lines.”

“Since we collaborate with businesses ourselves, we strive to understand the evolving customer,” Mr. Smith continues.

“Many businesses don’t know what to do with the email lists they’ve already built,”the business owner says. “Some don’t even recognize the opportunity they have. If you email receipts, you’re building a list. We help businesses turn a non-performing asset into a vital stream of revenue.”

Although 59% of teens stopped using web-based email in favor of texting and other messaging platforms like Facebook and Whats App, emails are the most popular form of online communication.

By the end of 2016, researchers project that 4.3 billion email accounts will exist.

And people are always checking their messages – on average 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes per week browsing marketing emails alone.

“Email is not dead. On the contrary, as more businesses focus on Facebook and social media advertising, opportunities open up in email. Yes, social media marketing is important – we help clients do that as well – but social media users aren’t always looking to buy. Readers open up 70% of emails from companies in search of a deal or discount. Plus, email is 40x more effective in acquiring new clients than Facebook or Twitter.”

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