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Bust or Perhaps Boom

leeds united
The plight of Leeds United over the past few years has highlighted the latest phenomena of teams that strive for immediate results of a ‘boom or bust‘ attitude. The relegation of theirs in 2004 showed the mistakes of this particular strategy in addition to ideally clubs are able to take heed of this down the road. Only some clubs that have this attitude suffer exactly the same fate as Leeds and you will find a few clubs who have been profitable with this policy.

Blackburn Rovers

The very first British club that attempted to purchase success had been Blackburn Rovers in the 1990’s. Until the development of the Premier League in 1992, the vast majority of Blackburn’s achievement was pre 1930. Most of this were ready to change when nearby metal magnet Jack Walker purchased the club in 1991 and also installed Kenny Dalglish as manager.

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