Can an Engineer Help You Write Better Ads? 

Over my career I’ve done software development, computer systems integration, network design, installation, support, even a little sale.

With a degree in electrical engineering and a strong technical bent, I can’t deny being a “technology geek.” But I’m also a copywriter – a freelance technology copywriter, to be specific.

Engineer Copywriting

I left a successful engineering career with a big Fortune 500 corporation because of my love of writing, and my desire to go out on my own as a full-time copywriter.

When I write copy, I use all my copywriting skills, tools, and devices toward a single goal: getting RESULTS for the client.

Now that seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

But believe it or not, that’s not always the focus in the industry.  I’ve seen lots of marketing and advertising that look great, but miss the boat entirely on results.

Now you may ask …

“What Makes YOU Different from other Copywriters?” In simple terms, I know technology and I know how to write powerful marketing communications.

Most copywriters are not trained in technology.

In fact, many are not comfortable with technology beyond the superficial level.

So why is that so important?

We live in a world filled with technology.

Just about every product or service imaginable has a link to technology.

For instance, even a “low tech” industry such as plumbing services may offer closed circuit TV pictures to see inside pipes.

And every industry that has a fleet of trucks or vans can utilize GPS technology to track the location of their vehicles.

And copywriters must thoroughly understand the product or service in order to write powerful and persuasive copy.

So, the “ideal copywriter”, if there is such a person, would have the combined skills of an engineer and marketing communicator.

So, check out my copywriting services.

You’ll find the rates are very reasonable, and my work is always guaranteed to your satisfaction, or you don’t pay anything.  You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

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