About Me

How I Came to the World of Coaching

In 1998, I followed my heart and my dreams of living abroad. I left my Northern California community and lived in the UK and France for nearly two years.

That was a bold step for me. It required both insight and courage to make a mid-life change of such magnitude. I was so compelled to follow that dream that I could not justify any other choice.

After returning to California 2 years later, I took inventory of my skills and desires. I had many satisfied years invested as a psychotherapist in private practice. In my community I was known and respected as a therapist, teacher, personal development trainer, and counselor in community college and university settings.

My professional skills were honed, previous business goals were achieved and new ones were incubating.
After some exploration, I decided to pursue a new direction. I was moved to the world of coaching where I could be with people who were ready to take a full look at their life and exercise new choices.

My Work

My coaching trademarks are energy, enthusiasm and a joyful heart. I am perceptive, direct and down to earth. I coach as I live. I live my dreams. I can honestly say I am a risk taker in the most vital and positive sense.


While raising my son, I returned to school as a re-entry student and completed my BA and Masters Degree, in Counseling Psychology,1987. I developed a private practice business of psychotherapy, provided education and counseling at the university counseling center, and facilitated workshops and trainings (my favorite topic: the benefits of humor and play for stress reduction).

On a Personal Note

I love music, singing and dancing. Sharing meals with family and friends over great food and conversation is my mainstay. I travel extensively and thoroughly enjoy cultural diversity.